Additional services we offer


  • Marine Surveys – We offer marine survey services. We will be present when the vessel loads, take appropriate pictures, and issue a comprehensive report in timely manner.

  • In-country site surveys – At the initial planning stages of a project, you may need to have a determination made of the logistics related issues at the destination site and how they may impact your ability to meet you project objectives. Take photos and issue a timely written report.

  • Hand carry – Often there is a need to get a small piece of equipment to a distant country in the most expeditious manner possible because of a shutdown situation. On short notice we will be on the next available plane either to the destination country or meet someone from your destination site in some country to hand it off. The latter situation may arise where an entry visa may be required that cannot be obtained in a short period of time.

  • Consulting in any of these areas – We are available to consult on any of the services we offer based upon an agreed upon scope of work.

  • Other mutually agreed upon services – Sometimes you may need support in related areas but for services not identified here. As along as we mutually agree upon what needs to be done in advance we are willing to perform such services if we are able. Please give us a call.

We want to be a part of your team!