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Logistics activities expanded


  • Preparation of Request for Proposals for freight forwarding and export packing services – Similar to the preparation of the purchasing packages mentioned in the Purchasing phase except these packages are much more specialized in nature.

  • Issue Request for Proposals for freight forwarding and export packing services – Issue the packages in accordance with the procurement schedule so that these contractors are identified and in place so that material and equipment can be delivered in preparation for exporting to the project site.

  • Receive and evaluate proposals - Assist your team in receiving and evaluating the proposals or we will do that for you. We will prepare an abstract of the proposals so you can easily see the strengths and weaknesses of each proposal.

  • Conduct negotiations - Should any negotiations be required for any reason we will conduct those on your behalf after we clearly understand what you hope to achieve through the negotiations.

  • Prepare contracts for your signature - The documents need to be gathered together into logical organization so that contracts can be prepared for your legal review. Once that step has been completed we will prepare the final versions for your signature.

  • Administer these contracts on your behalf – Monitor the requirements of the contracts to be certain that the freight forwarder and export packer are adhering to the scope of work identified in the contract.

  • Monitor activities of freight forwarder and export packer under the contract(s) – Make sure that the freight forwarder and export packer are doing their work in a professional and timely manner. Report any corrective action to you and monitor actions taken to correct inappropriate circumstances that may have been identified.

  • Coordinate chartering activities for ocean vessels and aircraft – Be involved in the chartering activities for ocean vessels and aircraft to be sure that your interests are being maintained in such activities.

  • Be present when vessels and aircraft are loaded – Very important to have us present when these activities are happening. With vessels, we can take immediate corrective steps to resolve problems when they occur as a result of accidents or damages of any kind. Often we can get the situation resolved on the spot negating any negative impact on the shipping activities or project schedule. For aircraft, similar accidents and damages can occur but often you may have more for the aircraft than it can hold. We can report what is left accurately so that you can decide what makes the charter and what must be left behind for another charter or commercial aircraft shipment.

We become your local eyes and ears as your project material progresses toward the project site.