Project planning in detail


  • Strategy – Develop a project strategy that meets your goals and objectives as it relates to the materials and equipment acquisition and delivery to jobsite to maintain your project schedule.

  • Development of a procurement schedule – Working within the framework of your overall project schedule, develop a procurement schedule taking into account long lead items, any liquidated damages and/or letter of credit issues and requirements. Working backward from the required date on site, determine when purchase orders must be placed taking into consideration factors that influence your ability to meet that required onsite date.

  • Preparation of Request for Proposal forms and packages – If you do not already have Request for Proposal forms and packages, we will work with your project team to develop them for use on the project.

  • Develop a project execution plan – This plan is an extension of your strategy. It is the road map for completing your project on time and minimizing costs of completion.

  • Develop reporting requirements and timing – In order to know where you are in the successful execution and completion of your project, you will need information in the form of reports to assist in maintaining control and keeping upper management informed.

We like to say that when the project is concluded you will be glad that you used our services.