Purchasing services expanded


  • Issue Request for Proposal/Quotation packages – Issue the Request for Proposal/Quotation packages in a sequence consistent with the schedule developed in the Planning phase.

  • Conduct pre-bid/proposal meetings – Not every purchasing package requires or needs a pre-bid/proposal conference. However, in the event that you determine one is necessary, we will plan and conduct the conference for you.

  • Receive and evaluate bids/proposals – Assist your team in receiving and evaluating the bids and proposal or we will do that for you. We will prepare an abstract of the bids so you can easily see the strengths and weaknesses of each bid or proposal.

  • Conduct negotiations – Should any negotiations be required for any reason we will conduct those on your behalf after we clearly understand what you hope to achieve through the negotiations.

  • Contract preparations – The documents need to be gathered together into logical organization so that contracts can be prepared for your legal review. Once that step has been completed we will prepare the final versions for your signature.

  • Issue purchase orders – Working with your purchasing department or acting on our own, we will make sure that purchase orders are prepared and issued in accordance with the requirements of the project.

  • Expedite suppliers to make sure they will meet delivery schedules – We will take a proactive stance with suppliers to make sure that your orders receive priority treatment to maintain the project schedule. Often, supplier visits may be required to emphasize to them the need for meeting the required delivery date. Such visits and associated expenses are only taken after seeking and obtaining your approval.

  • Conduct in-plant inspections of various types – Some equipment must have simple inspections conducted which we will do. Other pieces require witnessing of performance tests which we can arrange to have qualified inspectors be present with your prior approval.

We become an extension of your project team.