purchasing services



Purchasing and logistics services expanded


Please read more about our purchasing and logistics services that fall into the following categories by clicking on the links below or in the left navigation panel.

  • Project Planning
    • Strategy
    • Development of a procurement schedule
    • Preparation of Request for Proposal forms and packages
    • Develop a project execution plan
    • Develop reporting requirements and timing

  • Purchasing
    • Issue Request for Proposal/Quotation packages
    • Conduct pre-bid/proposal meetings
    • Receive and evaluate bids/proposals
    • Conduct negotiations
    • Contract preparations
    • Issue purchase orders
    • Expedite suppliers to make sure they will meet delivery schedules
    • Conduct in-plant inspections of various types

  • Logistics activities
    • Preparation of Request for Proposals for freight forwarding and export packing services
    • Issue Request for Proposals for freight forwarding and export packing services.
    • Receive and evaluate proposals.
    • Conduct negotiations.
    • Prepare contracts for your signature.
    • Administer these contracts on your behalf.
    • Monitor activities of freight forwarder and export packer under the contract(s).
    • Coordinate chartering activities for ocean vessels and aircraft.
    • Be present when vessels and aircraft are loaded

  • Additional services
    • Marine Surveys
    • In-country site surveys
    • Hand carry
    • Consulting in any of these areas
    • Other mutually agreed upon services